Traffic Builder Pro

You’re a small business owner – In this case you own a local coffee shop and you’re struggling at keeping up with the latest online and social market­ing technologies you see others profiting from. You come to Fergesen Consulting to update your approach, build your brand exposure and  increase customer traffic to your store. 

Fergesen Consulting immediately creates your custom “Lead Generating Website” and places it online.

Once the website is online we begin driving traffic to it using our “Search Engine” marketing techniques. With a steady flow of traffic to your site and your business, you now begin generating leads and cus­tomers on a daily basis. You’re automatically email­ing and texting your customers providing them weekly specials and other newsworthy tidbits creating deeper relationships and repeat buyers.

The end result is your business is growing because you’re now plugged into your customers like never before. Your marketing program almost runs itself and you’re at ease knowing Fergesen Consulting is helping you maintain your web and social presence.

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